“Not all those who wander are lost” | UAE

By: Mohd. Fahad Khan, Sr. Manager at Vesna Tours | fahad@vesnatours.com

Although this isn’t about getting lost however for me exploring a new destination or experiencing something for the first time in life in nothing less than an adventure. Being from the travel industry I have this advantage of travelling for work and hence it serves a great deal to me to enhance my understanding of people across the globe. My first international trip was to UAE and it really came as a big surprise - the culture, the infrastructure, the attire, the language, the food and all the glamour it’s a lot more than what they showcase it in pictures or videos. You could only get the feel when you are on that soil. In the middle of desert, they have created a niche filled with every luxury one can imagine. It’s a cosmopolitan where people from more than 200 nationalities live together and they all look happy & satisfied. The old part of Dubai give the exact sense of what this region would have been years back, the aroma in spice souk, the robust Gold Souk and the narrow crowded lanes along with creek with the major means of transport in older times – the dhow. The local food is amazing and a must have is “Mandi” it’s a local version of biryani however carries the local taste ‘it’s delicious’.

As UAE is less on oil their major revenue generator is now tourism industry and they have actually created such attractions which have managed to attract tourists from across the globe. Be it the tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa or the largest mall in the world – The Dubai Mall or the biggest indoor theme park - Ferrari World or the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi or thrilling Desert safari with delicacies & activities at the camp or the world class eating joints, it has a lot to offer. If given a chance I would highly recommend, and one must visit UAE once in a lifetime. Check out our amazing UAE Tour Packages and Book your UAE Tour.



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