Vesna Tours has a proud history in providing experience and an expert team to plan your ‘Extraordinary Experience’ across our destinations with the right service and care that is beyond your expectations. Our team has more than half a century’s combined experience in traveling, organizing tours, and uplifting programs and we have earned the reputation as the experts and efficient professionals in the travel industry.

Our operations team provides pre-tour planning assistance while onsite professionals look over new developments in the tour and remain at your disposal.

Our vision is to provide innovating, industry-leading, sustainable, and secure travel to our clients by using tourism practices that are green in the core and provide the most enjoyable experience.

Our team works on the values of innovation, diligence, timeliness, ethical values, respect, and quality. We always seek to find innovative plans and programs and keep working on them diligently while maintaining time quality with all the ethical practices.

With our tailor-made programs, we provide extremely personalized service to our clients that is always courteous and pays attention to every minute detail.

International Representation

Each of our International representatives assist both Vesna as well as our clients. They are available in the same time zones so as to assist with immediate queries and information on our products and services. With their vast knowledge they assist in planning as well as development of programs to align with the requirement of the client. Their innate understanding of the business allows us to offer a more relevant product to our clients.

Advisory Board

Monis lives in California, United States. He is a senior technology executive working for a large global consulting firm and focuses on managing large technology project that takes him around the world. He brings extensive global travel experience to our organization and provides broad perspective on the ever changing needs of business travelers, new trends and expectation for international events and conferences.

Monis Muzaffar

Kathy has had a long career as an admission professional with experience in developing and implementing recruiting strategies to meet institutional goals for graduate business schools. She began her career in graduate admissions at the NYU Stern School of Business and has served as Assistant Dean for admissions and financial aid at Fordham University’s MBA program, as well as Director of Admissions at The Mason School of Business at The College of William and Mary. She has also worked an Educational Consultant and Tour Leader for The MBA Tour and led several tours in East Asia and India. Kathy hails from Virgina and represents Vesna in the United States.

Kathy Pattison



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