Indian Subcontinent

This huge, colourful and wonderful country, diverse in geography, history, climate and culture, offers visitors a huge range of unforgettable cultural, religious and wildlife experiences as well as world-class accommodation, friendly people, amazing sightseeing experiences and the highest possible levels of personal service.


This beautiful teardrop-shaped Indian Ocean island is home to glittering temples, miles of golden beaches and no less than eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The scenic Royal Botanical Gardens and Sri Lanka’s many national parks, wildlife reserves and enchanting waterfalls make it an ideal destination for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Sri Lanka

With China to the north and India to the south, Nepal is a peaceful and secure country and home to eight of the ten tallest mountains on Earth! Its many National Parks enable visitors to enjoy spectacular landscapes and view rhinoceri, tigers and elephants in their natural surroundings.


The Kingdom of Bhutan is bordered by Tibet to the north and India to the south and east and its stunning landscape features lush subtropical plains that soar up to the Himalayan mountains in the north of the country, including the highest still unclimbed mountain in the world! It is also famous for a political system based on the concept of achieving the highest levels of ‘gross national happiness’.


This famously friendly and hospitable country sits between Southern India and the Bay of Bengal and boasts both the world's longest beach and the world’s largest mangrove forest! Here you will find bustling traditional markets; modern shopping malls; centuries old mosques set within an unspoilt sub-tropical landscapes full of wildlife.


Middle East

The United Arab Emirates is one of the world’s most sophisticated and exciting tourist destinations with it’s famous palm-shaped islands and sophisticated beach resorts overlooked by Dhubai’s iconic skyscrapers, shopping malls, restaurants and bars. It is also a country rich in history and culture with a wide variety of leisure and sporting activities.


A peninsula jutting into the Persian Gulf, Qatar is a great destination for kite-surfing, jet-ski-ing, dune-bashing in Landcruisers and camel racing in nearby desert regions. It’s capital city, Doha, has a spectacular modern skyline and is home to the peerless Museum of Islamic Art and Qatar is now scheduled to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup.


Located at the top of the Persian Gulf and an oasis within a desert landscape, Kuwait is famous for its modern architecture. and soaring skyscrapers that contrast with its many ancient and beautifully built mosques, giving it many authentically Arab characteristics as well as excellent museums and galleries , gorgeous beaches and lively restaurants.


The ancient Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a modern, vibrant nation offering visitors the majestic ruins of bygone civilizations, supported by modern luxury hotels, exquisite cuisine and countless leisure and cultural activities as well as luxury camping and trekking along ancient caravan trails to the cleansing mud baths of the Dead Sea.


Saudi Arabia is a vast country with a huge tourism potential that is based around the iconic cities of Mecca and Medina, the historic Red Sea trading port of Jedda and the showpiece ultra-modern city of Riyadh. To the south, breath-taking mountain scenery conceal many mysterious and spectacular villages that reward exploration.

Saudi Arabia

A collection of islands and a mixture of ancient and modern, Bahrain has it’s own Formula One Grand Prix Circuit , a thriving multicultural art and cultural sector and many historic and cultural attractions, ancient temples and fortresses, including the Bahrain National Museum and the spectacular, 25 km long, King Fahd Causeway that connects Bahrain to Saudi Arabia.


Oman has a rich heritage a strong sense of identity, a pride in its ancient past and a diverse and spectacular landscape that includes spectacular mountains, wind-blown deserts and a pristine coastline dominated by the gentle city of Muscat, which means ‘safe anchorage’, and where visitors can swim from sandy beaches or dive with turtles in nearby lagoons!


Stunning scenery, a rich history, a beautiful coastline, spectacular iconic buildings and a range of cultural festivals and events make Turkey a leading global destinations. Its capital city, Istanbul, straddles Europe and Asia and is one of the most important cities in world history, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to the biggest shopping mall in Europe!


The Lebanon offers world-class hotels, restaurants, casinos, theatres, nightclubs and luxury shopping malls and ski centres to rival the best in Europe! Here, visitors can explore ancient Roman ruins and medieval castles, or relax on beautiful sun-kissed Mediterranean beaches, before enjoying world-renowned Lebanese cuisine and a vibrant contemporary nightlife.


Southeast Asia

Singapore’s tourism infrastructure is ranked as one of best in the world and features two modern resort areas at Marina Bay Sands and Resort World Sentosa as well as theme parks and important nature conservation areas. Meanwhile, the Orchard Road downtown area houses a huge shopping centre and breathtakingly modern hotels, casinos and restaurants


Malaysia’s modern capital city, Kuala Lumpur, is famous for the gleaming 21st-century Petronas Twin Towers which look out over beautiful beaches and a dynamic cityscape full of fabulous restaurants, bars and nightlife venues whilst nearby wildlife-packed national parks and rainforests protect some of the most ancient ecosystems on earth!


With a unique tropical climate, Indonesia is a vast collection of 17,508 islands, only 6,000 of which are inhabited, famous for the glorious white sand diving beaches of Bali, the region’s premier destination, and a rich cultural heritage that sustains over 700 still living languages that are used across the stunning natural archipelago that is Indonesia.


Located in the middle of the Indochina Peninsular, Thailand offers visitors glittering temples with golden Buddha shrines, tropical beaches, world renown cuisine, bustling markets, tropical rainforests and friendly villages. Its capital, Bangkok, is a city full of stunning palaces and temples, world-class shopping, amazing restaurants and a throbbing glitzy nightlife.


This is a country of spectacular landscapes, dynamic megacities, remote hill-tribe villages, ancient temples, gorgeous shorelines with mysterious limestone cave systems and the ultra-sophisticated elegant tree-lined boulevards of Ho Che Minh City with its many corporate HQ buildings and sophisticated roof-top bars and restaurants that look out over old Saigon.


Previously known as Burma, Myanmar is a beautiful country where pagodas, churches, mosques and temples stand together in peace and harmony and where visitors can enjoy a stunning array of flora and fauna that includes tigers, elephants, rare birds and delicate butterflies and orchids, protected within Myanmar’s many national parks and sanctuaries.


North Africa

Morocco guards the gateway to Africa and the Mediterranean Ocean and is famous for its ancient cities, the verdant oases and the barren dunes of the Sahara Desert, the high peaks of the Atlas mountains, ancient nomadic tribes, the bustling kasbahs of ancient Marrakesh and the surprisingly modern and cosmopolitan cities and of Casablanca, Rabat and Tangier.


Tunisia is a country rich in history and natural beauty that looks out from North Africa over the Mediterranean Ocean towards Sicily and Crete, with beautiful sun-kissed beaches that quickly give way the rugged landscapes of the Sahara Desert and it’s bustling modern-day capital city, Tunis, is home to many museums and historic sites including Roman Carthage.


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Georgia stands at the intersection of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Part of the Caucasus region, it provides the best place for having events in a relaxed atmosphere. Business lunches and dinners especially Georgian Tables and Supras can’t be missed when in Georgia which provide elaborate cultural details and fun activities to do.


One of the biggest countries in Europe, Ukraine provides magnificent golden domes of Kieve to the summer sun on the Black Sea and local delicacies. It is affordable to visit and live and provides the best opportunity to organize meetings and seminars as getting a Ukraine visa is extremely easy and provides the best retreat in Europe.


Also known as Land of Fire, Azerbaijan is a great place to explore through various events and seminars that keep on organizing there. It provides the perfect mix of old cultural heritage and modern skyscrapers through wonderful scenery across villages and cities. Generous mountains and farmlands are also there to provide the best of place.




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