A Wildlife Adventure! | Jim Corbett National Park, Uttrakhand, India

By: Prachi Maini, Team Associate at Vesna Tours | prachi@vesnatours.com

So, this trip started in the midnight. This was one of those not so planned weekend trips with friends. We left our homes in New Delhi around midnight to reach Jim Corbett early morning. New Delhi to Jim Corbett is about 230 Kms and approximately 6 hours’ drive. We were so excited and thrilled to visit the Corbett National Park also because this was the same place where a very famous Bollywood movie ‘KAAL’ was shot. Jim Corbett National Park is a treat for nature and wildlife lovers both.

We reached Corbett early in the morning around 06/06:30am and before checking in at our resort, we straight away went to the Kosi river which flows right next to the resort we had booked. Chilling with our feet in the waters and gazing at the landscape was so serene. After spending 2-3 hours there we went back to our resort and had heavenly breakfast. Later we left for our visit to a very famous Hindu temple of Goddess Garjiya Devi. It is believed that if you tie a knot at the grills of the temple, all your wishes are fulfilled. The journey from our resort till Garjiya Devi Temple was beautiful yet thrilling as we crossed multiple zigzag hilly roads, crossed a bridge over Kosi river and even saw deer, golden jackal and gray langurs on our way. After paying visit to the holy temple, we headed to the banks of gin clear River Ramganga, which is popular for adventure activities like flying fox, natural river crossing and many more.. We did try some activities and returned to our resort. At night, it felt little scary since it was all dark and the resort was in the middle of the jungle but with friends it become more adventurous,

The next morning, we woke up early at 4am for the morning elephant safari. We sat on the large seats attached to the back of the elephant and started exhilarating safari experience at around 06am in the jungles of Jim Corbett National Park. The highlight of the ride was that you get a chance to see an uninterrupted view of the jungle and a chance to spot animals, birds in their natural habitat. After finishing the elephant safari, we made our way to the Corbett Falls. We walked for 15-20 minutes to reach to the main reservoir, but it was all worth it when we reached at the falls. Later, we headed back to the resort and spent some leisurely time at the swimming pool.

Next morning was the most exciting day for all of us since it was planned for Jungle Jeep Safari. The group was divided and we were given open jeeps with drivers to explore around the jungles. We were scared but exhilarated at the same time, as we were going more and more into the forest and our guide was telling us stories about the jungle and said that spotting tiger isn’t possible every time. We saw elephants, deer, monitor lizard, sambar but not tiger (unfortunately). There was a spot where the jeeps stopped for some time. It was watch tower which gives whole view of the forest and a fantastic point to capture wildlife. My 2 nights and 3 days trip ended with some great memories with friends. Overall, it was an unforgettable experience in the Jungles! Want to know Corbett Tour Packages of Vesna here.



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