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The Indian culture, one of the oldest in the world, has grown and modernized to also become one of the world’s largest, rapidly growing economies. This ancient land has compiled many layers of architecture and symbolism over the centuries. For students interested in studying non-western art, architecture and music, We are one of the leading event management and educational promotion organization of Asia operate on a large scale such as education fairs, educational programs, global immersion program, recruitment tours, retreat programs, study abroad program, study tours and many more.

Vesna Tours is prepared to partner with the North American universities in the creation of custom designed India study tour programs that We helped many educational organization by providing dedicated study tours management services with an easy access to education options. We provide One Stop Solution with multiple comprehensive overseas education opportunities for exchange programs.

We connects candidates with business schools and offer best business schools tours from Middle East, Southeast Asia and Northern Africa. We organise and manage study trips such as participating executive MBA residencies all over the globe which allow the students to gain first-hand knowledge of the unique business and market environments form both regional and international companies. overwhelming process with many details to sort out. Here we at Vesna Tours provide professional support to academic organizations to manage all types faculty led study tours.

We help our students with their global immersion program become Global Management Leaders with exposure to multiple regions across the world. As Global Immersion Program (GIP) classes bridge classroom lessons and business practices in another country which provide an understanding of the region's business, cultural, political environments and achieve a working knowledge of local business practices at the same time. We are ideal event organizer for providing top-notch and memorable events, product launch tour, imagination and professionalism in worldwide. Our destination management company also manage recruitment tours which allow students to visit more campuses remotely especially when they in a hard-to-reach location or a different country. Helped many students throughout their study-abroad programs like retreat programs by providing best tour management services.

  • Enriches the student’s personal and professional network
  • Industry visits to leading corporations are arranged for a more hands on experience of the Indian business climate
  • Achieve greater insight into the world economy and emerging markets
  • Enhances business knowledge, provides Global Market & Industry Information
  • Build relationships with professionals across industries and Multi-national companies
  • Enhances cultural awareness and experiences

Vesna approach to designing and managing the study tour logistics will free the faculty and students to fully focus on the learning experience.

Services include:
  • Facilitation and coordination of visits to key corporate offices and industrial parks
  • Organization of seminars and special sessions
  • Accommodation in hotels as per the budget of the University
  • Coordinate air and ground travel arrangements
  • Visits to cultural venues
  • Accompanied by experienced relationship manager who provides on-site management and is available 24x7.
  • Support letters in obtaining necessary Visas

Tours typically include business cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad. Study tours range from 10 – 40 participants and lasts from 10 – 20 days.

We have also provided logistics to University’s Undergraduate students group looking for specific requirement or Interest. For e.g. Business Tours, Architecture Tours, Counseling, Culture and Spirituality in India Tours, Indian Heritage Tours and many more.