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If you are planning a study abroad program, study tour, exchange program, student travel program, Global Immersion Program Tours or a faculty-led study tour, and more, you are at the right place.

Vesna Tour, as one of the top Educational Tour Operators helps teachers and organizations to change their student’s lives through educatonal travel. Our secret is the time-tested combination of innovation, global expertise, and a dedicated team working continuously towards providing a rich experience through country’s cultural richness to the educational sector. With our educational tours, students and organizations expand their knowledge of the country and discover more about themselves by understanding new people, places, cultures and work practices.

Benefits of choosing Vesna Tours for organising your study tours:
  • Get to attend hands-on local workshops
  • Comprehensive webinars along with orientation & development program
  • Life-changing impacts
  • Learn more about yourselves and the world
  • Every student get the support to travel
  • Safety is guaranteed by our on-site professionals
  • Close working relationship with officials and tour managers
  • One-to-one support
  • Experience guides to answer every what-if and how-to and what-is-it
  • Put your student and child a step ahead
  • New foods, new cultures, a new language to expand the mind
  • Highly-curated travel experience
  • Support with planning corporate visits
  • Business knowledge enhancement through Global Market & industry information
Services included:
  • Flexibility to the instant change in the program in case of emergency
  • Covid protection program
  • Planning based on your preference
  • Accommodation in the safest of hotels as per organisation’s budget
  • Support letters for visa purposes
  • Organizational tours get personalized guides
  • Accommpanying tour manager for on-site management
  • Collaboration with the local culture and people
  • Subject-specific tours
  • Research-based tours
  • Insurance coverage

All study tours are done in a team with one or two group leaders to make sure the safety and security of the tourists and it usually lasts 15- 20 days based on preplanning. We also provide comprehensive solutions to all kind of educational tours planning such as Business Schools Tours, Global Immersion Program Tours panning, international student exchange programs and more and designing to facilitate a rich experience that leaves your satisfied.

Being the best Educational Tour Operator Vesna Tours believes  that travel provides a uniquely immersive and interactive learning experience that is dynamic at its core. Offering an exciting array of educational tour programs and custom trips has always been our motto to give something to the new world out there.

We have dealt with multiple exchange programs with multiple educational organizations to provide a never-before learning experience for new students. Customized solutions for business schools tours are also given with executive MBA residencies in focus. We as educational tour operators in India subcontinent, southeast Asia, middle east and northern Africa, provide immersion programs for getting the full benefit of educational tours.


Faculty-led study tours or study abroad programs include the learning of schedule courses by professors with a study abroad feature. They are connected to a semester-credit course in January, spring or summer, with a short-term overseas program. It is an exceptional chance to gain international experience with Pace faculty and classmates. The travel portion will last from one to three weeks. You'll get credit for your degree while enjoying a unique foreign culture experience. Studying abroad helps students become more commercially successful after graduation by combining good academics with real-world experiences.
Students are exposed to a variety of lifestyles, environments, people, and eras through educational tours. As students go on an educational trip, they better understand the place and its residents. This trip aims to allow students to learn outside of the classroom or lab. It also allows for the non-experimental study and helps bring all students together on a common platform, regardless of their social, economic, or cultural backgrounds. Executive MBA residencies, Global Immersion Programs, Study Away Programs, Global Immersion Experiences, Study Abroad tour programs are a few types of educational undergraduate, graduate or business school tours.
Careful Preparation is the first step. This involves location analysis, distance, mode of transportation, length, timings, and approval from the host organization and financial planning. The students are then briefed on the points to be discussed, noted, and shared with the staff and the do's and don'ts they must adhere to. The follow-up activity, which involves a report on the learning and discussion to strengthen it, is the last and final phase. The educational tour team at Vesna will exceed all student expectations. It includes travel insurance, delicious food, lodging, travel transportation, tickets, and much more. They offer all-inclusive tour packages that allow students to maximize their enjoyment. Students must have a limited amount of cash in their pockets and a passion for adventure.
Students may be exposed to many other research areas and development as per their field of interest and specialization, including healthcare, logistics and rural development, manufacturing, social studies, real estate, outsourcing and management consulting processes. Vesna Tours collaborate closely with the tour leaders to create a clear tour schedule that includes local meetings, special activities, and travel plans from the point of arrival to the end of the tour.
The costs of studying at an international university or school differ significantly. It depends on your selected retreat programs' essence, the duration of your stay, the distance you travel, and the type of lifestyle you desire once you arrive. You should be careful that certain student visas need you to get a certain amount of money in your bank account before you arrive in your preferred country. It is best to check the websites of the country in which you would like to research or communicate with one of our consultants.
Travel Management Company recognizes that educational tours and student tours provide incredible opportunities for students to experience life changes and require careful planning. Educational Study tours, unlike traditional holiday packages, must run smoothly for students to profit from them. Vesna is now one of the top travel companies specialized in tailor-made study trips, with decades of work experience in the tourism sector. They constantly strive to provide students with safe, valuable, and enjoyable educational tours at the most affordable prices.



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