“Big surprises come in small packages” | Colombo, Sri Lanka

By: Mohd. Fahad Khan, Sr. Manager at Vesna Tours | fahad@vesnatours.com

It often happens when things exceed your expectation and come to you as a big surprise. I got a chance to travel to Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka, previously known as “wonder of Asia”. To be honest, before being there, I had a very different narrative of that place, as to me it was a small country with low GDP and with nothing much to talk or care about except some beaches, however Colombo was an eye opener to me. Though the Colombo airport isn’t very appealing for the first-timers but your thoughts start to change as soon as you reach the city.

The stretch of corniche popularly known as Galle facing road is a relish for the soul. Most of the old architecture is basically British style since they ruled this country for over 150 years. It is British who introduced Railway system in Sri Lanka and have created the railway across the coast which is a mesmerising ride in itself. On the other hand, the new architecture is ultra-modern and complements the growing rate of literacy.

Being a coastal country, you can find the best seafood here. The most sought-after fresh seafood produce of Sri Lanka includes fresh tuna, shrimp and prawn, crab and lobster, fish maws, Beche-de-mer or sea cucumber, cuttle fish, squids and sprats. Gems industry is also quite prominent in Sri Lanka, its known as Ratna-Dweepa which means Gem Island. Nightlife is not the main attraction in Sri Lanka. Bars, discos, and casinos are fairly busy in the bigger cities but in smaller destinations, there is not much to do at night apart from having a drink in a hotel bar.

With the travel job I am gifted with, I love travelling to Sri Lanka again and again and talk to my clients about this little  gem on the earth. Book your Sri Lanka tour packages at best price with Vesna Tours.



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