“Travel teaches as much as books” | Amman, Jordon

By: Mohd. Fahad Khan, Sr. Manager at Vesna Tours | fahad@vesnatours.com

Through all my life so far, I have been quite fascinated with the stories of Neolithic & Bronze age. And to add to my enthusiasm I got the opportunity to travel to ends of Dead Sea in the enchanting land of Jordan. Jordan is also called The Hashemite Kingdom, because it is ruled by the Hashemite dynasty, which claims descent from the Islamic prophet, Mohammed (SWS). And for the one who is interested in interested in Islamic & Christian history, this place is a pilgrimage. The capital city Amman is located on small hills and driving around is an experience in itself. The relics of ancient civilizations with an amphitheatre surrounded by bustling local markets. The art of mosaic is mesmerising with no compeer. This place will give you an actual feel of an authentic age-old Arab nation, with the culture, the people, the topography and the food, here I tasted the best Shawarma of my life and it’s called “Al Reem”. At 230 Kms from Amman lies a world heritage site called Petra, I never saw anything like that before. This place is as old as 7000 BC and clearly a gem for eyes. The inhabitants were so skilled that they carved everything out of stones, be it homes, temple or courtyard for public gatherings, it’s an entire kingdom inside those rocks. Jordan has given me lifetime lasting memories and I would be delighted to get a chance of visiting again.



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