Mumbai - The magical city!

By: Somya Karotiya, Team Consultant at Vesna Tours |

Mumbai! India’s financial powerhouse, fashion epicenter, has India’s most abounding film industry and with Asia’s biggest slum to the world’s most expensive houses is a favourite of more than half of the India’s population.

When I visited Mumbai for the first time, I was strolling on the streets of SOBO (South Bombay) at night-time and was literally playing the empire state of mind (song). Concrete jungles where dreams are made of… there's nothing you can't do… Now you're in Mumbai. These streets will make you feel brand new, flashy lights will inspire you, Let's hear it for Mumbai.

I had this big list of activities ready before I planned to travel to Mumbai and wanted to miss none of it. I was staying in Juhu and post my check-in at hotel etc., I started the ride to Bandra and spent an early evening with some shopping at this flea market at Linking road accompanied by a few drinks at the Bar stock exchange which has this nice roof-top seating area.

The breeze was getting cooler with the hour and I hoped a cab for a ride to Marine drive, although I planned this to be at the end of the trip but changed it to every evening. This is indeed a busy place but there is a sort of calmness here, the swooshing water of the sea along with the moon light’s reflection gives coolness to eyes and mind. This trip was full of everything, I touched every place, the Juhu beach, Haji Ali mosque and the plenty of British remnants around beyond the red double-decker buses. Continued for the dinner to Mohd Ali road to calm taste buds with Mughlai delicacies. I went to an old restaurant named Shalimar (a recommended one) and it was the best meal to satiate the day long hunger.

Mumbai can be chaotic, crazy, charming, outright frustrating all at the same time. It is indeed an expensive city, but it is also one of the places where you really do not need deep pockets and you can stroll by the sea, eat delicious street food and rub shoulders with film stars.If you want to visit Maharashtrian city Lonavala, then check our Lonavala tour package.



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