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Education Road Shows / Education Fairs

Educational road shows and fairs provide the students the opportunity to meet other students from across the globe and discuss with them various topics which increase their knowledge and experience. Meeting university representatives, getting tips regarding various fields and applications, accessing scholarship advice, attending various seminars and workshops while exploring culture and tourism makes educational road show a necessary thing.

Vesna Tours is one of only few organisations providing Executive MBA, MBA and undergraduate schools with travel and logistical support for recruiting and study tours. Planning and managing such recruitment tours with us will get you across India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Turkey, Lebanon, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and many other countries where students and university people from across the world gather and take part in educational fairs.

We are counted as top Education Fair Organiser in India provide educational road show services to all kinds of institutions and organizations beginning from undergrad school tours to business school tours including MBA grad tours.


The Vesna team excels in providing the logistics services to help you achieve your recruiting goals:

  • Planning calendar
  • Venue recommendations
  • Budget preparation
  • Complete travel logistics including travel and hotel arrangements and event set-up, liaison for arranging institutional visits and cultural activities for the participants
  • On-site staff support for event and traveler needs


Visiting educational fairs and road-shows allows prospective students to meet representatives from universities. An education fair is an event of several applicants where the main subject of discussion is education, whether undergraduate or for Masters. The chance to meet the university face to face with official members and learners is a distinct benefit. Admissions officers also discuss what they look for in applications, how to avoid common errors, and how to go above and beyond to make you stand out. The educational organization consultations are planning the event offer scholarships to students attending the fair and applying to the university they meet. These tours are often known as recruitment tours.
Attending education fairs is an excellent way to evaluate your budget and the various funding choices available for your degree. Overseas Education Fairs are a great platform to meet with university delegates one-on-one, get counselling all in one place, and get a free profile assessment. While the exhibitors have the opportunity to display their courses and services, the student community has the opportunity to see what is available, assess their choices, and make an informed decision. Students are advised on which courses to take based on their career goals by experienced faculty from participating institutions. For full applications, students are likely to receive on-the-spot admissions as well as application fee waivers.
A Travel Management Company helps plays a vital role in planning and organising the large scale educational events, fairs and road-shows. Travel Management Company has an expertise in logistics handling from planning the calendar with the organiser to blocking spaces for events to on-site management, i.e. event set-ups, event detailing, space allocations, cultural activities, and refreshments organisation for the delegates participating in these fairs. Vesna has been organising large scale multiple cities educational fairs and road-shows in and outside of India. Vesna also provides on-site staff support for event and travellers’ need.



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